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How I Teach Football | Preston High School | Coach Peterson

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“Last year we were playing seven on seven we couldn’t do anything against them. All of a sudden this year we we switch our entire scheme for defense our entire scheme for offense, have this app, we’re beating them and I’m just like ecstatic. The the mental side of of our kids right now they’re coming back looking at us
like wait a minute how is this happening coach. It’s like you guys, you have to believe but you have to gain the knowledge of where we’re at. I mean it just floors me to to see. I took eight kids yesterday for seven on seven and we played four games. Just eight kids and we we absolutely destroyed. I was so excited about it because it actually takes some of the coaching out of it which to a point that actually allows me to just teach. I can’t wait for the season to start that’s where I’m at. I’m like come on let’s go now it’s like I feel like I’m ready enough now than what I usually feel you know where I’m at in August. I’m two months ahead of the game!”
Coach Peterson (Preston HS, ID)

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