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Have you ever wondered how many of your players actually understand your playbook and the rules of the game? Or how your team would perform if EVERY player knew where EVERYONE else was supposed to be on EVERY play? Most teams still teach using the same basic technology that coaches have used since football was invented – photocopies, chalk talks, and written tests.

Team Nation applies cutting-edge technology and learning theory to football. We convert your coaching points, film clips, and playbook into creative, engaging, challenging learning games and allow your players to compete for the best scores. We then track your players’ learning so that you get up-to-date, real-time data showing exactly how mentally prepared your players are for this week’s game.

With Team Nation your players will learn to understand football end to end – like your best coach, film analyst, or Tony Romo understands it. They will understand your schemes, your opponents’ schemes, football strategy in general, and what their role is relative to their teammates for every single play. Each week, you can prioritize learning with custom game plans. By using Team Nation your players will learn the history of football and the development of the game, the nitty-gritty detailed rules, and all of your playbook coach’s notes for each player and scheme. With Team Nation, your players will become students of the game. Team Nation will put your players’ brains in their feet.

Visit our pricing page and select the package that fits your team, staff, and affiliated programs. Pay with credit card and submit reimbursement request through your organization if applicable, or request an invoice to deliver to your budget approver. If you represent a group, college, university, or pro team and have customization requests, please contact us directly here

By implementing Team Nation with top 25 college programs, we have learned how to expedite your launch. Here are 3 simple hacks to get you going in under 20 minutes:

  1. Use Team Nation’s Pre-Built “Quizzes” and “Lessons” (5 min). Our team of ex-NFL and D1 players have already built a library of lessons and quizzes that are ready to deploy. When you log into Team Nation on your computer as a coach, click “Quizzes” or “Lessons” and then “Library”. All of these materials are available for you to copy over to your team’s private content library. We have focused on foundational concepts that are important for any football player – Route Tree, Penalties, Defensive Fronts, Pre-snap Coverage Recognition, Defensive Formations, Special Teams 101, etc. Select the content you want and copy it to your team’s library.


  2. Don’t Start by Redrawing Your Whole Playbook (10min)Even your best players will not digest your entire playbook in one week. Instead, start with the basics. Our team has pre-drawn play cards with most of the standard concepts in high school football. When you log into Team Nation on your computer as a coach, click on “Playbook” and then “Library”. You will see all of the pre-built play cards that are available for you to use. Click the dropdown on “Offensive Formation” and filter for your team’s formations – Double Wing, Single Back, I Form, Pistol, Wishbone, Deuce, etc. Select the play cards you want and copy them over to your team’s private playbook.


  3. Build a Simple Quiz/Lesson (15min)

    Ready to build your own quiz or lesson? Click on “Quizzes” or “Lessons” and then “+Create Quiz” or “+Create Lesson”. Team Nation’s simple interface will prompt you to upload the information that your players need to understand. As you go, you will see a preview of how the quiz/lesson will look on your players’ phones. Here are 4 topics that have been a priority for D1 teams –

    I. “Know Your Squad”: Upload film clips, photos, and core stats for your players as a Quiz. Team Nation will automatically generate “Name that Teammate” games.

    II. “Team Terminology”: Introduce your terminology, including hand signs and play calling, to your players. Illustrate concepts with your multimedia assets.

    III. “Special Situations”: How does your team approach 3rd Down / Red Zone / 2 Min / Backed Up / 4 Min? Present these concepts to players via multimedia games.

    IV. “Culture and Expectations”: Every team communicates non-negotiable principles, standards, and requirements to their players. Team Nation turns this content into multimedia lessons with quizzes so that you have a record of who knows the rulesWe know that your team will learn faster through these three simple steps than they ever have before and that your players will love Team Nation’s games!

Absolutely!  We know that many teams do not fully diagram their plays and assume that players already understand some basic formations. Inevitably, some players do have a basic grasp of strategies and formations and some do not. Team Nation will help you fill in these gaps by providing a catalog of pre-made pro-built plays that you can copy into your team’s confidential playbook. You also can use our intuitive drawing tool to enter any other plays that are critical for your team to understand.

Team Nation provides detailed data of your team’s mastery of the playbook.  As your players learn the playbook within the app, our proprietary software tracks their progress and provides “Readiness” data broken down for each player and play.  This quantifiable statistic is like giving you a 40-yard dash for the brain, or a weight room for the mental game.


Using the Coach’s Dashboard, you’ll immediately know the answer to questions like:

  • Which players have mastered our Week 7 Install/Game Plan?
  • What players are putting in the time to master the mental game? Who’s falling behind?
  • What schemes does my team understand best?
  • Who is my star receiver for understanding every route perfectly?

We make it easy. Here’s everything you need to guide to downloading film clips out of Hudl and screen recording options depending on your device.

Immediately! Whether you’re purchasing for off-season study and pre-practice preparation or you’re mid way into the season and recognize your players need more mental reps, starting is a stress-free process.

Build your schemes in Team Nation and let the app gamify your playbook, lessons, and core football concepts. Encourage all players to complete work in-app with contests, competitions, or load classroom quizzes into the app to track real-time comprehension scores.
Some coaches make attaining a certain level of in-app proficiency a requirement before suiting up for games. Welcome to the world where you can focus your precious practice time on reaction time, teamwork, agility, competitiveness, and conditioning.

Yes. Always.

Yes! Team Nation already offers features that are making coaches around the world share feedback of how Team Nation is transforming and enhancing their programs, yet we’re not done. We are working up new game types, content categories, and ways to make your life as a coach a little easier.

Yes! Our platform will extend easily to any team sport that uses set plays, schemes, and strategies. Join our email list for product updates and additional sports rollouts.

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