Pre-Built Content to
Increase Football IQ

Launch Team Nation using pro content
library of football lessons and plays

Pre-Built Content to
Increase Football IQ

Launch Team Nation using pro content
library of football lessons and plays

Football Lesson Plans

Use Pre-Built Lessons

Save time creating lesson plans with pre-built football lessons created by Team Nation’s “Pro Football Braintrust”. New content added regularly on foundational football topics such as: Offense, Defense, Special Teams, Route Tree, and Formations, along with personal development topics such as Strength & Conditioning, Injury Prevention & Recovery, Persona Development.

Pre-built lessons include images, videos, written content, and audio clips to teach football concepts you can publish as-is, or copy and edit any content library lessons to fit your team’s needs by adding football play cards, film, and custom questions. 

Team Nation Lesson Library of Pre-Built Football Content
Team Nation Quiz Library of pre-built football concepts

Football Concepts

Turn On Pre-Built Quizzes

Athletes join your team with varying levels of football IQ. In addition to turning on pre-built football lessons, bring your players up to speed quickly with Team Nation’s football quiz library—penalties, route trees, football terminology, offense & defense basics, and much more. 

Any football quizzes you add or customize in your coaches’ environment will appear for mobile players as flash card style matching games.

Available Football Lessons



Football Basics

Coverage Zones

Personal Development

Customizable Templates

Team Nation Playbook Library Prebuilt Defense formation on computer and mobile phone screens

Football Plays

Pre-built Plays for Offense & Defense

Similar to the Lesson and Quiz Libraries, Team Nation’s “Pro Football Braintrust” curated a Playbook Library that highlights the standard schemes most commonly used by high school and college football teams. Youth coaches can use a pre-built play as a template for youth plays. 

Whether you’re an offensive or defensive coach, you can find formations and plays in the Playbook Library featuring detailed team and position specific notes to match your schemes.

Building offense and defense plays for your team’s online playbook is quick and simple whether you start with the pre-built plays or draw your own from scratch using Team Nation’s intuitive play drawing tool.

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Launch your schemes within minutes with our free trial. Now with Hudl import, free play drawing tool, and printable play cards.

You don’t even know how much I need this library for football players on my team!

Lance Dukes | DL, Strength & Conditioning | Henry County Middle School

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