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 Team Nation helps you learn football better through competitive, fun, and memorable games, so you can start winning, more.

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Understand core football concepts, penalties, etc

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Learn your team’s plays & formations before practice

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Own the leaderboard in offense, defense, and special teams

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Help your entire team achieve mastery with Team Nation

App Learning

Train to Win

Get your mental reps in with short football learning games, anywhere, anytime. Every game builds football IQ and helps you become a better football player because you've put in the mental reps.

Not only is learning with play is 40x more effective than traditional learning—which means you can justify gaming with Team Nation and going head-to-head with your teammates—learning with games based on your team's Hudl plays, concepts, drills, and film mentally prepares you to reach the playoffs.

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Defense Play Cards featured on tablet and phones to Help Athletes Learn Football

Play Mastery

Learn Plays
Before Practice

Study your team's formations and plays in the playbook section of the Team Nation mobile app, then play games generated from play images, name, and notes.

Prepare for your next opponent with play group games, scouting reports, and flash card style games created by your coach.

Team Rankings

Own the Leaderboard

You know which team members have the highest bench, fastest 40, most yards, and most sacks. Now you can know who has mastered your team's playbook and who really knows football.

Track your personal progress over time, team and unit rankings, and discover exactly where you can put in more mental reps.

Looking for a way to help your teammates increate their personal accountability? We've put together tips for helping your teammates start learning with Team Nation so everyone can increase their readiness for next week's game.

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In Their Words

Hear from Athletes

Bishop Gorman football players share how how using Team Nation to learn through games on their mobile devices will up their mental game.

No matter what level you're at, Team Nation is ready to help you prepare for the next step with pre-built core football concepts lessons and learning games and plenty of templates to make your coach's job a little easier.

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