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How I Teach Football | Trinity High | Coach Odermann

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“You know there’s just certain kids that just learn a different way and that might be not the way you’re good at teaching and then what you’ve allowed us to do with this app has I mean it’s like it’s taken us to just a whole completely different level. You know I told you we had 80% of our offense in before the first game last year and when I say 80% of the offense not like we had run it a couple of times in practice, eighty percent of the offense where I was comfortable calling it. You know I had guys come to me and guys that I didn’t technically really have a lot of faith in the past in regards to play recognition and things like that, coming up to me and practice saying, “Hey coach I know the purpose of this play is to attack this but if they give me this look you know what do we want to do we want to adjust the route a little bit?” The conversations that we usually had week seven, eight, nine, going into the playoffs, we were having early on in the season. It allowed us to do a lot of really cool things.” Coach Odermann, (Trinity High)

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