Teach Lessons
with Gamification

Use mobile learning games to engage
your athletes with competition 

image of content library lessons practice plans, film study, opponent scouting reports in laptop and mobile screens

Teach Lessons
with Gamification

Use Mobile Learning Games to Engage
Your Athletes with Competition 

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Mobile Lessons

Tailor Interactive Lessons For Individual Athletes

Team Nation’s learning system was developed by educators in conjunction with football pros to utilize play to teach football concepts so that coaches have actionable data on player readiness.

Give athletes the right lesson, at the right time, in the right way for them. Deliver pre-built or custom football specific lessons through Team Nation, tailor instruction for each athlete, and assign content to specific positions, groups, and players. Game-based learning is scientifically proven to be 40x more effective than traditional lectures. 

Quiz Builder

Flashcard Games

Use the quiz builder to test your athletes’ base knowledge, understanding of practice concepts, and teach crucial football lessons through flashcard style games.

Add pre-built quizzes from the Quiz Library such as penalties and route tree concepts, or build your own. Quizzes are automatically generated from Hudl playcards, plays created in the free Team Nation play drawing tool, formations, images, videos, or terms.

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Placekicking Lesson on Mobile Phone

Lesson Builder

Deliver Chalk Talk

Team Nation’s lesson builder allows you to deliver in-depth film study, critiques, scouting reports, and all of your PowerPoint presentations. For an example, see how Bishop Gorman’s football team uses Team Nation to reinforce learning.

Add voiceover to any slide, video, or playcard to further enhance lessons for your football team. Insert quiz questions throughout your lessons to gauge player comprehension in real-time through the coach dashboard. Player mobile leaderboards will show individual rankings and potential areas of improvement.

Team Nation

Let’s talk gamification stats


increase in student performance using challenge-based gamification

(Science Direct, 2021)


of students are more motivated than by traditional learning

(Intuition, 2019)

Top 10

“must have” part of a learning management system

(ProProfs, 2021)

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Loving Team Nation! This is a game-changer for our program and is going to give us a real competitive advantage.

Dan Dabrowski | Head Coach | Lake Orion High School

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