Why Does America Need Football

“Football matters in America so much that we’re willing to buy big tracks of land and put football fields out.  Football matters in America, just turn on the TV on Saturday and Sunday really any night of the week now in the fall and there’s  football games being played. It’s the most popular sport in America that draws the most eyeballs the most passion.”
“Yeah you better believe football matters in America. I’m grateful for football because it allowed me, with my skill set, to thrive at something, to get confidence in something, to develop my skills, to have all sorts of cool friendships with coaches, with teammates, with my own family because of football and then you got to Showcase it on game day. I mean that’s where you put it all to work, make it happen, have fun win, games jump over people, make plays, score touchdowns, go to the Super Bowl.”
“I want to say to the players I wish I was you. I wish I had a tool like Team Nation that would help me in my preparation. It would have taken the anxiety of practice away because I would have been more prepared for just practice to hear a play in the Huddle and know exactly what I was supposed to do, not wondering as I’m walking to the line like oh my gosh what am I supposed to do on this play.”
“Team Nation would have given me the skills that my physical body didn’t quite have yet. I was a late bloomer so I needed every Edge I could get and if I just had more mental Edge Team Nation is what would have given it to me. I wish I had that, I wish I had it in high school, I wish I had team nation in college, and I wish I had team nation in the pros. Yeah I want every High School coach in the in the country to see that their kids will improve because of Team Nation.”
Chad Lewis

Team Nation

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