Football playbooks
That Really Work

Teach your football playbook through
games on your players’ phones

Football playbooks
That Really Work

Teach your football playbook through
games on your players’ phones

Free Football Playbooks

Build & Teach Your playbook

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Content Library

Build your football playbook using pre-existing pro-built plays & formations

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Hudl Play Upload

Gamify your Hudl playcards with our free import tool and automatic gaming engine

Custom Formations

Create custom schemes for offense & defense in a simple-to-use football play maker

Automated Games

Quiz athletes in bite-sized games instantly generated from your playbooks & film

Free Play Drawing

Build Plays with Ease

Copy and customize pre-built concepts from the football Playbook Library of plays and formations curated by Team Nation’s “Pro Football Braintrust”.

Or, design new plays in an intuitive, free football play maker by selecting category, formation, opposing fronts. Draw routes, add notes, and fine tune plays with custom colors, gap coverage areas, and personnel label adjustment. Add play cards to playgroups to prepare for your next opponent. You can even build multiple playbooks for your team.

Once your plays are in your new playbook, games for your players are automatically generated from your play cards utilizing play details.

Coach Using Football Drawing tool for his football playbook
Athlete on phone learning football playbook through a learning game

Mobile Learning

Teach Plays with Games

How many hours a day are your players on their phones? Team Nation’s gaming engine automatically turns your schemes into competitive learning games so they can use their phones for good.

Instead of printing 50+ packets of play cards, distribute installs directly to your your athletes’ phones. Players study your plays in the Team Nation mobile app. Then, players complete learning games generated from your run, pass, defense, and special teams concepts, their comprehension scores update in real-time. Transparent leaderboards promote team competition and personal accountability. 

Real-Time Data

Assess Playbook Mastery

Track roster readiness, view individual results, and gain access to actionable data. Know how to use your valuable practice time effectively.

Team Nation dashboard showing which players know the team's football playbook
Person adding players to team on laptop

Data Security

Keep your Playbook Safe

Breathe easy knowing that your 3-ring binder won’t find its way into the hands of your biggest rival. Team Nation’s secure encryption ensures that you control who accesses your playbook. When a player or coach moves on, remove their access with one click.

Add players with a unique team invitation code, upload your entire roster with a csv or xls file, or add players on-by-one.

Try it Free

Get started, fast

Launch your schemes within minutes with our free trial. Now with Hudl import, free play drawing tool, and printable play cards.

I’ve had this for one day and I’ve created 106 formations. Building plays is really quick using the pre-made plays.

Josh Franke | Head Coach | Toronto City Schools

Team Nation

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