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Utah Youth Football + Team Nation


“By practice time the boys were already talking about, “Did you see this and did you see this” and they had already seen it in Team Nation which is awesome and made it super valuable because it was easier to teach it on the field and I don’t have to show people old plays we just call it. They know it because they’ve been studying. The gamification aspect of it makes the boys hungry and competitive and so they are fighting for those top spots. We’ve had a lot less confusion this year around route names. You know who does what, that’s all been a lot easier.”

“I have not had a single parent complain about playtime for their son. Before the season started we said, “This is what we’re using and this is how they earn playing time. This is how they get determined of their positions.” The kids that are asking about more playing time, or the kids that don’t know the plays, coincidentally have the least amount of time spent in Team Nation.”

Team Nation

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