Wing T Formation: Stopping the Offense

Before you defend Wing T plays, you have to know what the offensive formation looks like and key pointers for stopping the offense’s runs. If you’re the Defensive Coach, Rick Stewart of All Access Coaching will share how your players can read & defend the Wing T.


To get started, check out this Wing T cut up video from Sherwood High School. Then, scroll down to see how Rick recommends prepping your defense to stop the Wing T.

Play Video about Game time image of Wing T offense

#1 Understand the Wing T Philosphy

Let’s start by saying the Wing T is not a mystical creature. It was created by a PE teacher. There isn’t complex science associated with this offense, and most people who run it do not understand all the intricacies & provide great tendencies. Pay attention to the tendencies to help your defense stop the Wing T offense in their tracks.


Every Series has:

  • A base play
  • Counter
  • Play action pass

Stop the quick score home runs first!

sample wing t play from the Team Nation library
sample wing t play from the Team Nation library

#2 Remember: Series Football

Don’t treat plays individually—treat them as packages. Leverage a variation of packages. (Suggestions in pdf). Vary your formations to identify the offense’s tendencies. Here’s one possible formation to defend the Wing T.

sample formation to defend Wing T

#3 Establish Your Game Plan

Practice, practice, practice! Teach your players in advance of practice by delivering your game plans though Team Nation lessons and include diagrams, videos, pictures, definitions, formation cards including their job descriptions.

  • Get Lined Up! Top priority at practice.
  • Teach to defend by Formation: Base, Counter, & Play Action from that formation
  • Backers on a String
  • 3 on 2 – TE/Wing reads
  • Overload the attack side, sit on the counter side

Want the detailed presentation?

Download Rick’s personal PPT presentation (as a pdf) to get more tips, formations, alignments, and so much more. This defense-specific content was taken from the Rick Stewart & Glazier Clinics Wing T Webinar. Click here to access the full webinar.

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