Ryan Dance

Sales Director

Divisional athlete, tech enthusiast, and former area president of instruction, Ryan provides knowledgeable consultation to football coaches, athletic directors, and educators, rightsizing team learning solutions. Ryan has led high caliber sales, educator instruction, and customer success teams for tech firm providers including Bill.com, Divvy, Vivint, and Insidesales.com.

Ryan creates effective sales strategies and repeatable solutions for mass distribution of software systems. He has personally held every sales and partner responsibility from the ground up. Ryan was the original pioneer of partner channel sales at Divvy, responsible for growing a team that achieved 40%+ of Divvy’s number. Starting as the only contributor, he had to quarterback multiple teams, departments, and key stakeholders to believe and develop the cause. Divvy was most recently acquired by public entity Bill.com for $2.5 Billion, with a large go-forward focus on the partner division Ryan helped create.
Ryan advised CFOs, Controllers, and Accounting Heads in budget, financial control, and growth, while convincing 700+ companies to transact over $185MM+ through Divvy’s networks. As an individual contributor he has never missed a President’s Club qualification, is quick to solve, and broke multiple individual records at Divvy, Vivint, and InsideSales all along the way. Ryan is always looking for out of the box solutions and doesn’t stop once he is ahead. He aims to create the largest distribution channel to enable learning and success for coaches, players, and fans alike. Ryan enjoys connecting with all sorts of individuals and you’ll always find him with a smile. Ryan still competes in Utah Premier League Soccer but describes himself as a “Washed up Wakeboarder” without the need to compete at family gatherings. He uses his speed advantage to chase down his 4 yr old son and his 2 yr old daughter. He enjoys spending time outside with his wife Katie. They recently built a home in Herriman, UT. Ryan earned his B.S. from the BYU Marriott School of Business, with an emphasis in Experience Design and Commercial Recreation Management. He is fluent in Spanish and grew up in Seattle, WA.